Monday, August 24, 2009

Care for Disabled Adults...with Autism

The Boston Globe ran an article this past weekend about a wonderfully large grant received by Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston) to start a first of it's kind specialized treatment center for adults with autism. The Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation generously donated $29 million to MGH to provide much needed medical care for the growing population of adults with autism.

To quote the Globe, "One of the new center’s primary goals is to train primary care and emergency room physicians and nurses, as well as those who work in surgery, in diagnosing illness in this group of patients and in techniques to improve their interactions." Sounds like a good idea for ALL our kids/adults.

Coincidentally, the new Medical Director will be Dr. Ann Neumeyer, one of the eight neurologists to have treated my son over the years. When the time comes, maybe she'll bend her admittance requirements to visit with an old friend - who doesn't have autism.

See the Globe article:

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