Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In Out, In Out

It seems the most I can take my two kids and one wheelchair in and out of the car is twice per outing. Call me lazy, call me weak but after two errands I have exhausted my patience and my back. Perhaps this is true with all kids, but my kids start to fuss and whine after two stops. I have a mental rule I go by: if it takes longer to get them out of the car than it does to complete the errand, I don't do it with them. Needless to say, I have become a late night shopper - sans kids. What's your rule?


  1. Randi, I like your rule of thumb for errands. I wish there were more places open late for this very reason!
    One thing I do that helps make errands easier in our family, is do an errand or two on our way to someplace the kids enjoy - like the library - then do another errand afterwards on our way home. The kids don't mind as much this way -- and they know the quicker we get the errand(s) done, the quicker they'll get to where they want to go!